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7th January 2011

walkingbear3:26am: A 2010 Retrospective in Photos

A selection of shots from my best studio and location shoots of 2010. Link is to my blog.

12th February 2010

walkingbear2:09pm: The lady in red...
... and black panties and white stockings and green hair.

And now.. for the rest of the story... (nsfw)Collapse )

Studio shoot this week. Lighting was simple with two AB800s naked pointed 45 degrees up and away from the model to let the room act as it's own softbox and one ab400 behind a shadow card to the model's right pointed at the white paper packdrop.

Model: eviloverqueen (MM profile)
Location: Dreamland Studio, Marietta, GA
Photographer: C. Scott Bragg (MM Profile)

20th January 2009

mylastsunrise6:46pm: 7 images behind cut
PhotobucketDrink up!

7 Images behind cut
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Final shots from a shoot last saturday... liquor ads
MAD DOG md20/20 aka tasty poison
Different shots than a previous post
More info on the shoot and gear underneath lj cut

Please take a lot
-Robert Dolan

17th January 2009

mylastsunrise8:56pm: 3 images behind cut
Three Images Behind Cut

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3 images of a recent studio assignment, shot this morning

please take a look

-Robert Dolan

Nikon D3
Nikkor 105mm macro
Bron color pack
-2 strip banks
-1 grid spot
-4 mad dog's MD20/20 (natures nectar)
blah blah blah more stuff

6th December 2008

virtual_gravy1:51am: My Storm to Rise
in the midst of the storm’s darkest night hope warms our brightest days to come

Slightly too big :)Collapse )

4th November 2008

scottchurch9:41am: the ascension of matthew
my closing image for my new "men" book, which comes out December 16th.

male nudity behind the cutCollapse )

28th September 2008

virtual_gravy1:22pm: 2 homes
Here are two homes I shot last week for Interior Designer Nola Shivers.

More Behind the CutCollapse )

Now playing: Amanda Palmer - The Point Of It All
virtual_gravy12:28pm: 417 Idea home
The 417 Idea home is a Multi Million Dollar Residence in Branson that features some of the most modern technology and most current ideas in interior home design.
My friends at Decorating Den did the Master Suite and spa in the home and commissioned my company Elite International Photography to capture their stunning work:

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Now playing: Amanda Palmer - Strength Through Music [Feat. Strindberg & Ben Folds]

14th August 2008

mikefiction9:13am: Gloria
Gloria was wonderful to work with and absolutely gorgeous. I'd like to do some more work with her, maybe something B&W large format in the studio with a stylist.

Hasselblad 500ELX
CZ Sonnar CF 150mm f/4
Fuji Astia
Cropped to 11x14

One MoreCollapse )

18th July 2008

stremnaya_belka2:27am: Конкурс "Антихлам"
Проект «Марсиада» с июля по сентябрь 2008 года проводит конкурс «Антихлам-2008».

Основная цель участников конкурса – суметь выразить идею Антигламура в визуальной форме.

Победитель конкурса получит главный приз – телескоп.

Условия участия в конкурсе


7th July 2008

mikefiction12:02pm: Tamara
Tamara was wonderful to shoot with!

I used front tilt to create a selective focus for a vintage feel and front rise/ rear tilt to correct distortion from the wide angle lens.

I shot some Hasselblad stuff as well, the B&W I will get scanned in tonight and the color I'm dropping off this evening to get processed.


Tachihara Wood Field 4x5
Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f/8
Delta 100 in Ilfotec DDX

25th June 2008

orangecat6211:22am: Absinthe and the Little Green Fairy.
Studio shoot with 3 lights

Absinthe and the Little Green Fairy.Collapse )

Всегда рада поснимать маленьких деток. ogs.ru
ogs5:15pm: Тимо, 1 год

Всегда рада поснимать маленьких деток. ogs.ru

12th June 2008

ispeakwhale_11:56am: shoot - 1st post
A shoot a did last month. I wanted something really clean and simple. And then the agency wanted head shots for the model z-card.


enjoy! (:
mikefiction10:41am: Ania
This was the first "Internet Model" I've ever worked with - contacted on Model Mayhem and setup a test shoot. I had wanted to test my studio strobe rig outdoors. I balanced 2 strobes with daylight for this one. I love the way here eyes light up with the strobe to the left of camera. I'm going to setup a more controlled studio shoot with her this summer.

Hasselblad 500ELX
CZ Sonnar CF 150mm f/4
Fuji Astia
Cropped to 8x10

6th June 2008

mikefiction2:40pm: Lighting By Insinct
I feel like I'm all over the place style-wise, though of course I've still got a lot to learn. I've never had any training, formal or informal. I learned everything about photography and lighting from playing at home and reading. I light entirely by instinct right now. Also I believe my interaction with the subject while shooting is improving. I'm such a quiet person normally, but I can't silently photograph someone, that would be just bad. :)

I'm open to assisting for good photographers to learn, but the ones I've contacted either fell through or they just never got back to me. Should I take the CSCC photo course? They have lighting classes. I think I'm improving with each shoot but I don't get much feedback, maybe a class would help... then again it could hurt as well.

Paige P
Hasselblad 500ELX
CZ Sonnar CF 150mm f/4
Fuji Astia

5th April 2008

virtual_gravy11:20pm: Legends
My friends at Legends in Concert called me to do a shoot for the promo of their 2008 season. How could you say no to a shoot with Marylin, Buddy Holly, Elvis, the Blues Brothers, and Clint Black?

See three HERE >>>

4th March 2008

virtual_gravy9:11pm: The Rotten Brothers
Deep in the murky parts unknown live Will and Wally Rotten. They are the last living curators of an ancient and all but forgotten circus sideshow. Once in a full moon they are said to be found in a town near you performing nearly inhuman acts of mutilation, Prestidigitation AND outward self humiliation.

See 6 Here >>>

3rd March 2008

virtual_gravy12:08pm: The Fuji Minx
I got together with Kelly Watkins in Jan for our fifth collaboration. For this one we brought in the big guns. We assembled a crew and setup shop in a glass house. The project was to make really cool promo photos for the LA band THE FUJI MINX (tm).

See all 4 Here >>>

Photography of the Fuji Minx
By:Kelly Watkins and Jeremy Mason McGraw

Makeup: Marissa Freeman
Hair: Ruby Danger
Costume Elements By: Kit Pistol

9th February 2008

alexslyadnev10:18am: Smoke kills

Smoke kills
Photographer: alexslyadnev

7th February 2008

scottchurch7:22pm: i am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking
havent posted here in a while...... enjoy. comments always welcome.

21st January 2008

my_art_space2:30pm: www.myartspace.com and HotShoe magazine
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Henry Horenstein. Horenstein has worked as a photographer, teacher, and author since the early 1970s, his career as a teacher started at Harvard in 1974. He is an author of over 30 books, including many monographs (HONKY TONK, HUMANS, CREATURES, AQUATICS, CANINE, RACING DAYS). His newest book, CLOSE RELATIONS, recently published by powerHouse Books, is a collection of photographs he made as a student studying under Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). His textbooks have been widely used by hundreds of thousands of photography students over the past 30 years. Horenstein lives in Boston where he continues to photograph, exhibit, publish, and teach at RISD, where he is professor of photography. He is known for being one of the most influential photography educators in the United States.

Dr. Juliet Hacking. Dr. Hacking is the Programme Director of the MA in Photography (Contemporary and Historical) at Sotheby's Institute of Art in London. The MA is unique in that it allows students to study photography entirely as a branch of art history and visual culture, while also developing their skills of professional practice (as curators, gallerists etc). . Juliet joined the Institute in 2006 from Sotheby's auction house (London) where she was the Head of the Photographs Department (from 2003). Prior to joining the auction house as a cataloguer in 2000, she worked as a researcher at the National Portrait Gallery (London). She was the curator of the N.P.G. exhibition Princes of Victorian Bohemia: Photographs by David Wilkie Wynfield and wrote the accompanying book (NPG/Prestel 2000). She trained as an art historian at the Courtauld Institute (B.A., M.A., PhD) specialising in nineteenth-century British photography, and has taught as a Visiting Lecturer at the Universities of Derby and Reading and at the Courtauld Institute.

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