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Thanks :)

Sure. I only shoot digital now... I have been totally digital for about 5 years. These were all shot on my Nikon d2xs. I have a Pretty good array of strobes including nikon sb-800's connected to pocket wizards, a Quantum strobe and a set of Hensel Porty's. I tend to sort of mix the white balance in the air. There is typically a dim amount of incandescent mixed with natural sunlight from the windows. I put in my lights and then pick a color temperature that is the best middle ground. It is usually between 5200K and 5600K. I almost always shoot at f8 in a room. The wide angle of the 17mm lens gives me a pretty good depth of field so I stay there to give my lights more range than if I was shooting at f12+.

I hope that means something to you :D