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7 images behind cut

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7 Images behind cut





The rest down have been posted a few days ago though I thought i'd include it with the set.




Final shots from a shoot last saturday... the group shot i posted a few days ago though I am more fond of the individual on white shots cause what I noticed was that on black I lit the bottles more, rather than lighting the liquid. Which the shot is about... this was for an Ad project and I decided to work with MD 20/20 since they basically have no ad campaigns but anyways. The on white images stand out more to be because the liquid is glowing, like how i said they're lit more for the liquid rather than the bottle which i think is preferred.
Send me your advice, criticism and praise.. all will be accepted greatly, if you have any questions on how this is lit, also ask me and i'll try my best to help explain

Nikon D3
Nikkor 105mm macro
Bron color pack
-2 strip banks
-1 grid spot
-4 mad dog's MD20/20 (natures nectar)
blah blah blah more stuff

Final shots from a shoot last saturday... liquor ads
MAD DOG md20/20 aka tasty poison
Different shots than a previous post
More info on the shoot and gear underneath lj cut

Please take a lot
-Robert Dolan
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